If You Could Ask Russell Brunson Any Question …

Russell touts me as his “first mentor”, but …

Given that his company, ClickFunnels, is on the fast track to a billion and has eclipsed the financial growth of any of my 30+ startups …

I’m the one who should be asking him questions.

So, I’m going to do just that – live!

I’ll be asking …

  • his most significant hurdles and epiphanies along the way so far
  • how he plans to get from here to a billion
  • anything else you want to know

We’re doing this live, so be sure to show up and ask your questions in realtime.


LIVE Wednesday 12 February 2020
8PM Pascific / 11PM Eastern
(stick around for live Q&A afterwords)

How to Watch:

We’ll be streaming live on four channels …


The Mark Joyner Show Episode #1: Dr. Joe Vitale – The Marketing Secrets Behind “The Secret”

Watch it now on:

What You’re About to Learn:

  • How Rhonda Byrne launched the film on a zero-dollar budget and turned it into a multi-million dollar enterprise grossing $600,000,000 in the first year alone
  • The devious tactics used before the launch that made all of the difference.
  • How they got on Oprah and Larry King via “the third door.”
  • The psychological tactics Rhonda used to get all of the stars to appear in the film – without getting paid(And why they thanked her for it.)
  • The pscyhological principles almost no one is using that will radically boost the success of any product launch.
  • Mark’s predictions for the future of marketing and business.
  • And more …


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